Why us?

Beajom is a choice that will certainly make the difference for your products & company, We make every effort to ensure that cooperating with Beajom is justified and adequate, we would like to share some significant facts and information on why you should choose Beajom as your long-term supplier:

One-stop solution partner.

We run factories, but we are not only manufacturer, more than 12 years hard working and cultivating in furniture industry & 8 years sharpening in home automation area, we deeply understand the whole industry and the market, we sit on the same side of the table as our customer to provide solutions to their needs concerning business problems. Trying to sell you more products is not our ultimate goal, we listen to you, desire to understand better your expectations, target your priorities and be able to offer solutions tailored to any of your needs with adding value.

Guaranteed Quality Control.

Verified by international ISO9001 & ISO14001 management system.

Well-trained by 5S management.

After the industry 4.0 transformation, our quality control has reached a new level which is outstanding in the market.

we implement a system where quality products are produced with care down to the tiniest details.

Fast delivery.

After the industry 4.0 transformation, our production capacity has twice increased. And it’s not the capacity limit yet, it means we could offer better delivery if urgent condition, even our routine delivery period as 30 days is very attractive to many customers.  

Competitive price.

We will beat any price you find, help you to get superior value by purchase at our factories.

Global supplier chain.

Variety of options is our main strength.

Our Vietnam factory is under construction, and is sure to operate in April, 2021.

Our Taiwan plant for spring mattress line is working well and can be expanded at any time if necessary.

We are ready to offer better supply chain for our world-wide customers, to help them cope with the more complex international trade situation with globalization solutions. 

Always great customer service & always great products.

We deliver service excellently by combining the best people with the best technology. Our people are trained to highest industry standards and rewarded for delivering those high standards to our client extensive industry experience and ongoing training in the latest technology, best practice of our whole systems will be reflecting in every client interaction.

Always great customer service & always great products, it’s our promise, as our continuous improvement.

We are a people-oriented company.

Although we have so many machines, equipment and state-of-the-art production line systems, we will not exist without our employees, our customers and our suppliers.

You can rely on us when working with Beajom, to believe that without our business values and ethics, we will never be able to serve our customers for a long time. We can make some money, but we can never grow if so. That's why we say the following to our clients.

Trust our experience.
Trust our products.
Trust our business values.

we are always trying to maximum the value of our people and our customers with development of Beajom service system.

When selecting adjustable bed suppliers or other product suppliers, each buyer must carefully examine the company. We hope that through this speech, we can help you make the right decision.

Please contact us whenever you want!

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