2021, Eve of Smart home Furniture broke out!

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From the technical level, more and more hundreds of billion players, including Huawei, Google, Apple and BEAJOM have entered the smart single track. The remolding of core hardware to traffic entrance has brought far-reaching influence to the smart home source of solution market.

According to research, China has become the largest Internet of things market in the world by the end of 2019. Of the 1.5 billion cellular network connection devices in the world, 960million are from China, accounting for 64%. China will become the largest consumer of smart home market in the world, accounting for 50% to 60% of the global consumption share of smart home market, and the profit will account for 20% to 30% of the global market share. Market requirement is just changing from smart home to intelligent sleep.



Intelligent sleep is a very important market and role in the smart home industry. Because intelligent sleep is not only sleep, but also health management and sleep environment control. The fields covered include medical treatment, health care, entertainment and leisure. The products covered include smart bed, adjustable bed base with ergonomic function and grooved PU foam mattress, intelligent curtain, standing desk, smart speaker, smart home office furniture, intelligent desk lamp, gaming desk and chair, etc.



It can be said that intelligent sleep itself is a huge and imaginative market, and its ecology must be very rich. From the perspective of home industry itself, it is also full of unlimited opportunities. Original PU foam manufacturer and adjustable bed base manufacturing gradually transfer into smart bed production industry , also accelerates China exported smart bed total output. Core motors are also multiple brands available for compatible packed bed suit for UPS transporting  such as Okin/RMT/Kaidi/ Richmat etc. Beajom optimized adjustable bed base has breakthrough in smaller and compatible package by means of ZERO CLEARANCE technology . The thickness of final carbon package is less than 16cm, which endows the 40’HQ vessel capacity 16% higher than normal conversational styles.

China’s intelligent sleep industry needs to further break out. In this track, Europe and the United States, especially the United States, undoubtedly started the earliest, and also obtained full market success. For example, the smart bed Unicorn sleep number in the United States sells nearly $1.7 billion a year. (see the following article “uncover the history of smart bed Unicorn sleep number, the development history behind the market value of 10 billion).

From the development stage of smart home, it can be divided into 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 different advanced stages, which also corresponds to the development stage of intelligent sleep.

In the stage of 1.0, the special action is realized by signal sensing and sending instructions, which improves the convenience and reduces the activity. For example, smart lighting, home security, and smart beds are also included. The product began to be equipped with “three board axe” – Wi Fi, app and cloud functions as standard. But at this stage, the price of products is relatively high, and it is difficult to realize linkage between different products.



In the stage of smart home 2.0, the home intelligence characterized by “space solution” has begun to appear. The connection and linkage between different devices can be realized, and “all house intelligence” can be realized, and the user can be provided with a safe, efficient and comfortable personalized home life. For example, millet, Huawei, Google and other intelligent products facing different scenes and can be connected to each other are launched to realize the intelligent of the whole house through combination.

And to the smart home 3.0 stage, the real “intelligence” began to appear. At that time, smart home will be able to perceive the user’s actions and needs, thus providing corresponding support and services. In fact, it is the value essence of smart home, all around the needs of “people”, not around linkage control and space scenarios. At this stage, smart home will carry out big data analysis on the basis of a large amount of data precipitation, build the figure portrait, and realize active intelligence.

Post time: Mar-08-2021
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