Are Cheap Mattresses Good for Health and Sleep Problems?

Ada Nan

We all know the mattress could be classified by ultra firm-firm-medium-medium soft-soft .etc in terms of mattress overall hardness. Of course, there is almost nothing about the mattress price with mattress hardness. But it occasionally is relative to mattress configuration. Such as foam mattress is often apt to softness. And hybrid mattress is often equipped with hard inner spring with thin PU form. Anyway, getting a good night’s sleep is important for everyone’s health, but an inexpensive mattress might not be good for some medical problems. For those who suffer from back pain, we checked out different types of mattresses that are best suited to help your back feel better. In some regions. People would like choose firm hardness mattress which are most of hybrid mattress or inner-spring mattress since they believe the firm hardness mattress will be better for fail deeper sleeping in the night.

We selected the mattress price rank in the American main-stream market in 2020 as following graph shows.

Prices in our rating of the Best Mattresses for Back Pain start at around $1,050, which is higher than the $600 to $1,000 range of our Best Budget Mattresses. If you suffer from back pain or other sleep issues, it’s probably better to save up a little more and buy a mattress that works for you over the long term.

Studies have shown that medium-firm mattresses with some type of adaptive or conforming top layer are best for people with back pain. If you suffer from back pain, you’ll want a mattress that shapes to your body so you’re supported in the right places, but you’ll also want a relatively firm mattress to help keep your spine in alignment. A mattress that’s too hard won’t provide targeted support, and a mattress that’s too soft can cause your body to sink into uncomfortable positions.