Blog -Tokyo customers visiting for 6S mill audit & adjustable base &mattress mill tour


Photo By Sirius Ding

Tokyo agency Mr.Tanaka cooperated with Beajom for a few months now. Our exported adjustable bed base and corresponding grooved mattress to North East Asia market is always increasing 23%higher Y-O-Y. But restrained by COVID-19 cases, Mr Tanaka repeated postponed to visit our mill for on-site management audit and quality controlling chain management checking until this Sep when FMC shows in Shanghai Putong.


Tidy workshop of memory foam cutting process


Multiple layer gel memory foam layer with different hardness module ,endows mattress customized user experience and engineered the quality warranty.


As one of Beajom main product portfolio, adjustable bed base workshop attracted more attention for Tokyo customers. Assembled together to inquiry the concerned-points about the auto-welding stream line and non-person interrupted laser cutting lines.


Said Mr.Tanaka , who dropped by many furniture mill in China. From the point of his view, todays mill tour showed quite order in production whatever in terms of mattress and adjustable base. The visiting encourage him and his team more confident for our sales in North East Asia market. Comprehensive quality control and professional ODM design capability will lead product on the tide of wind.

Beajom will emerge the pillow production line in Jiangsu Nantong , to become the genuine integrated resource solution from pillow /topper /mattress to steel adjustable bed products. By means of consecutive initiation to push new design and products, we would like to go closely more with our distributor in Asia market.


In Tokyo, As for powering up your laptop or plugging in your hair dryer, the electric outlets may look like they’ll accommodate your American power cords but the voltage is 100 instead of North America’s 120 .So special tip to choose engine power and types when customized design code.

Post time: Sep-17-2020
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