From 2021 to 2025, the big health industry will usher in a real outbreak period!

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Focus: revitalization after epidemic – March 20-22, 2021 the 17th China (Hangzhou) cultural tourism town project high end president summit and high quality industrial resources docking Conference.

The premier of the State Council presided over the executive meeting of the State Council, and “promoting the development of health service industry” has become an important topic.

In recent years, sub-health status has been spreading. According to the world bank’s survey data on chronic diseases in China, in the next 20 years, the number of people over 40 years old with chronic diseases will increase threefold.


With the development of society and the change of life style, the traditional medical mode also needs to be changed, gradually changing to the prevention, treatment and maintenance mode. The big health industry is just the embodiment of the “prevention, treatment andmaintenance” mode. With the continuous improvement of public self-care awareness, “preventive treatment” is regarded as the next blue ocean.

TOPIC :What is great health?

The so-called “big health” refers to the whole, comprehensive and all-round care of life around people’s clothing, food, housing and transportation, birth, aging and death. It is a process of pursuing not only individual physical and physical health, but also mental and spiritual health. Including smart home furniture like adjustable bed with massage motor on head and feet position, compatible steal bed frame for UPS transferring delivery door to door for e-commercial way, PU gel foam mattress with grooved ventilation tunnel on bed side, next generation baby-skin feeling foam process technology product for mattress products, ¬†standing desk for home office , ergomotion gaming chair for next generation gaming desk. Assistant equipment like smart bed for monitoring human heat beating and health hobby etc.

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To achieve great health, we need to establish great health concept, carry out great health education, innovate great health technology, develop great health industry and improve great health service. To develop the big health industry is to change the development mode of traditional medical industry, that is, from a single treatment mode to an integrated prevention and treatment mode of “prevention, treatment and maintenance”. Therefore, we should not only continue to develop the medical and pharmaceutical industry with medical devices as the main body and drugs as the main body, but also speed up the development of the health products industry with health food, cosmetics, functional daily necessities as the main body, and the health management service industry with personalized health detection and evaluation, consulting service and disease rehabilitation as the main body.

The active development of big health industry is not only conducive to improving people’s health level and quality of life, but also conducive to adjusting the industrial structure and promoting sustainable economic and social development!

Post time: Mar-12-2021
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