Potential Excellent team Building up

As stage potential excellent team building plan, Beajom launched the up-stair potential sales and service engineer hiring and training plan in the 2020 autumn of graduation season of university on 16th Oct 2020 on Jiaxing University. More than 600 professional students from different colleagues joined the interviewing meeting.


View of the campus recruit circumstance.


University senior students active participants
As people-orientation Beajom, HR director worked out a special training plan for the new-board colleagues just graduated from university in 2020. Namely 7*7*7 cultivating program(7 hours-7 days-7 weeks)
In the first 7 hours , the mentor from HR will lead the office culture orientation. The purpose is to made the new employee quick be familiar with CSR team and sales team numbers.


Team work is always highly stress in Beajom company gene. We encourage open speak-up culture in the diary work when anyone confusion in somehow technology issue or info negotiation. This kinks of work-style secure the team-work efficacy and smoothly.

As the second stage training program, we will lead our new employees to learn from workshop in the following 7 days, to be better understanding our produce procedure and quality controlling chains. Then better to know the our selling points of Beajom products.


Acknowledge the manufacturing parameter and property in mill site.


Carefully check each quality-control point. Finally secure no any default omitted in the production proceeding.


As the third stage, we provided opportunity for the new employees to learn from FGI( finished goods inventory) controlling and customers AR checking regularly to be quick master job description of the CSR and service positions . A probation summary report after 7-week rotating positions learning ,will lead our brand-now guys on the ways to be excellent in the new task.


Post time: Nov-30-2020
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