Subverting the traditional sleep experience. Why people make more efforts to smart electric bed?

image001Poppy Chen

With the development and maturity of furniture industry in recent 30 years, bedding, as one of the necessary furniture for people’s daily life, has gradually changed. From the initial stage of the development of wooden bed and palm bed, to the stage of introducing spring bed such as Simmons, and then to the intelligent electric height-adjustable bed base which is more in line with ergonomics and gradually popularized with the introduction of Internet and other high-tech technologies. Furniture intellectualization has become an inevitable trend of social and economic development.


Recently, the electric bed series developed by American high-end customers is in line with this trend. Taking Calypso-322100, a 3-motors for head & foot adjustment with neck tilt adjustable bed base for example. Thin and foldable design complies with UPS standard, easy to move, convenient for secondary transportation.

3 motors for head and foot adjustment and neck tilt anti-snore and keep the sleep in good health condition.13 keys of wireless remote, 2 colors customized logo available.One Touch Return to Flat.3 Preset Positions +2 Programmable Memory Positions allow for instant changes. Easy to open ZERO pressure sleep mode as well.


Intelligent electric bed series products use the sleep core technology to create the most comfortable row frame according to the body characteristics of american, which can fully support the calf area, hip, waist, waist back, cervical spine, head and other areas, fully fit the natural curve of the human body, without a sense of suspension. It is helpful for the human body to relax completely, relieve pressure and enter deep sleep quickly.


Adjust from different angles to meet the needs of diversified scenarios. Adjusting the leg to about 20 ° can promote the blood circulation of the leg, effectively prevent foot numbness, blood flow and foot pain, relax the leg muscles and relieve fatigue. For pregnant women with mobility difficulties, breast-feeding is a good choice. To adjust the back to 50 ° or 65 ° to provide ergonomic support for the back and legs. For those who like reading or watching movies, you can hold up your neck and shoulders to form a healthy and comfortable reading habit and watching way.image005

Beajom customized smooth top design mattress with high density re-bond foam is highly recommended to cooperate utilizing with adjustable bed base to achieve the above-described effect. It is understood that the new gel mattress series of mainly includes the entry-level with soft touching and comfortable knitted fabric cover. Gel-infused grooved mattress encourages air circulation and regulates body temperature. Cooling beds improve sleep quality by keeping your body cool & comfortable .More environmental-friendly than PU foam pocket spring mattress.

It is worthy of mentioning that the Gel mattress in a box by compressed and rolled pack in the carton box.

Post time: Mar-05-2021
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