With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology……

With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, people’s needs for beds have also begun to change, from the initial traditional beds to box-spring beds and smart beds.


A smart bed is a bed that uses a combination of multiple bed boards to adjust the height of the head and foot of the bed at will to adapt to the curve of your body to a large extent and bring a sleeping experience.

A smart bed is a kind of bed with intelligent functions. It is a kind of electric bed. It is an electric bed that uses big data and sensor control intervention, but an electric bed is not necessarily a smart bed. At the same time, smart beds are also products that follow the trend of smart homes.

What kind of bed is a smart bed? The appearance of the so-called smart bed is the same as the ordinary bed, but the inner core of the bed is different. When a person is lying on the bed, the remote control board is mobilized, and the mattress under the back and legs slowly rises. , The mattress fits tightly with the human body curve, and there is no feeling of loss in the waist. There are also several modes for the smart bed to choose from. You can use the TV mode for watching TV, the PC mode for computers, and the zero-stress mode when you sleep. The zero-pressure mode is to raise the legs to form a certain angle, so that the burden on the heart can be reduced during sleep.

The smart bed is also equipped with a vibration function and a memory foam mattress, which has super high resilience and can conform to the contours of the body, so that every curve of the body has a suitable support.

1: Intelligent sleep monitoring throughout the process, early warning of health status

The smart bed is equipped with a powerful non-contact mechanical sensor, which can monitor heartbeat and intelligent real-time monitoring, so that users can clearly know the daily sleep quality and basic health data.

2: Intelligent detection of snoring, automatic prevention of intervention

Snoring is not only serious, but also easily affects your partner’s sleep quality. As long as the user’s snoring is sensed, the smart bed will automatically raise the angle of the back, allowing the user to breathe more smoothly, thereby achieving the effect of stopping the snoring. After the snoring stops, it will automatically return to the original position. The whole process changes very gently and does not affect the user and partner’s sleep .

3: APP appointment wake-up function, let you sleep “naturally wake up”

Suddenly waking up by an alarm clock in the morning can cause discomfort such as palpitation, depression, feeling not awake, etc. The uncomfortable day starts from this, and what is more, it can also cause serious health problems such as arrhythmia. The physical alarm clock of the smart bed can detect breathing and wake up the user at the right time when the user is in a light sleep, which feels better than natural waking.

4: S graceful curve to ensure comfortable sleep ergonomic design

The intelligent bed sets up 5 body segmented joint points on the bed frame according to the principle of ergonomics. Through remote control, the angle of the bed frame can be adjusted at will, the body posture can be adjusted, and the neck pressure can be reduced.

5: Innovative environmentally friendly green materials, zero gravity floating experience

The smart bed uses memory foam, which is moderately hard and soft, which provides support and comfort to the body and brings a zero-gravity sleep experience.

Smart furniture is a derivative industry of smart home. With the further promotion and popularization of the smart home market, consumer habits will gradually form. It has never been seen that the consumption potential of the smart furniture market is bound to be huge, and the industry has a bright future.

Post time: Nov-30-2020
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